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The list below is a list of rules users must follow, if a rule is broken, a warning will be given to the user, after a second offense the user will be blocked.

Vandalism & Profanity[]

Any vandalism or profanity will result in an instant block. If you see someone breaking this rule, please report this to one of the admins.

Speculation falls under the category of vandalism and should be avoided, as it is without substance, no matter how probable.


Spam is the act of sending a message over and over again to inform other users of an event. On the first offense the user will receive a warning, anything after the first offense will receive a block.

All Editors are Equal[]

All editors are equal. No one is more important than anyone else. No one's opinion matters more than anyone else's. No one gets any special treatment, including administrators.


If you want to copy an article from the wiki. You must notify the administrators ahead of time and give the wiki credit. Failure to uphold will result an indefinite block untill credit is given. Also copying our theme like the Cow and Chicken logo is strictly prohibited and against the policy of wikia.

Abuse of Rights[]

Admins, Bureaucrats, Rollbacks, and Chat Moderators must all follow this rule. If this rule is not followed by admins, rollbacks, or chat moderators a bureaucrat will take away their rights and block them. If a bureaucrat misuses their rights, a staff member will take away their rights and an admin will block them or another bureaucrat will.

Sock Puppetry[]

This policy may seem unimportant, but sock puppetry (creation of multiple accounts) will result in an infinite block for the sock puppet accounts.

Spelling and grammar[]

We encourage that all users use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation when editing articles.

Please note the following:

  • Please do not write in ALL CAPS, it tends to be recognized as screaming or yelling.
  • Please remember to use "a" and "an" correctly.
  • Please look up a word if you are unsure of its correct spelling.
  • Do not use obscene words when editing articles.
  • Please note that if one is a repeat offender of this policy, a warning will be given, followed by a block.