Barney & Friends is a live-action, preschool series aimed to ages 1-8. When he first appeared in 1988, Barney had a low, deep, mature tone in his voice and a deep blue-violet, but as the years went by, his voice got even higher and shallower to make him sound younger. His voice has a very wide range for a man. His shade of purple also varied. Since "Waiting for Santa", Barney has been a magenta color technically. Since then he has changed his appearance slightly and gotten a lighter magenta color over time. Despite this, his color is only claimed as this shade of purple by HIT Entertainment. Some concept names for Barney were Cosby, Colby, and Danny. Although Barney's birthday has been celebrated three times on the series, he remains over 200 million years old. Barney's favorite foods are peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches (with a glass of milk), vegetables, pumpernickel bread, and pistachios (as of Season 11) His attitude can sometimes be sillier but he is also friendly and polite to the kids as well as Baby Bop, BJ, and Riff. In the Barney and the Backyard Gang series, Barney had to be keep a secret from the parents. However in Three Wishes, the parents first learned about him. That running gag lasted until the TV series, Barney & Friends, where the adults are also allowed to interact with him. Barney loves to hug, and everyone he sees loves to hug him too. Barney sometimes has gotten stuck, injured, or tangled up in in a jump rope and had to be rescued by his friends. When Barney went camping in a large tent with his friends, he sleeps in a sleeping bag that's purple with green spots.

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