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Bruno the Kid is a 1996 syndicated cartoon series created by Bruce Willis and produced by Film Roman. 36 half-hour episodes were produced.

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This cartoon series stars Bruce Willis as the voice of Bruno, an 11-year-old boy who becomes a top spy for a secret espionage organization. The organization, named GLOBE, contacts Bruno via his computer and a special gadget watch, and is completely unaware of its top spy's young age, as he hides behind a computer-simulated avatar of a full-grown man (in the image of Bruce Willis).

The members of GLOBE that Bruno works with in person, such as Jarlsburg (voiced by Tony Jay), and Harris (voiced by Mark Hamill), are also unaware that GLOBE does not know Bruno's actual age, and assume that the organization must know what it is doing in sending the boy into dangerous situations.

The episodes consist of Bruno managing to live a double life without his parents' or friends' knowledge (for example, in one episode he tells his parents that he is camping in the garden and he sets up a torch to project a fake silhouette of himself onto the side of the tent, so that it looks like he is inside it). Meanwhile, with an alibi set up, Bruno will be out saving the world, or foiling a major heist with the aid of his British spy partner Jarlsburg (in one episode, one of Bruno's classmates catches Bruno on camera in the process of carrying out a spy mission and tries to blackmail him; however, Bruno erases the videotape and his secret is safe; his classmate was unable to expose him). Later in the series, Jarlsburg quits being Bruno's partner, after hesitating to fire a weapon in fear that he will hit Bruno. Bruno objects to Jarley quitting the team. Jarley eventually comes to his senses and returns to being Bruno's partner. He apologizes to Bruno for quitting. In the course of each mission, they usually meet Harris (a spoof of the character "Q" in the James Bond books and films) who supplies Bruno with gadgets, which Bruno usually finds a use for later on in the episode. As well as voicing the title character, Willis was one of the executive producers and also co-wrote and sang the theme song for the show with backing singers.

Cast and characters[]


  • Bruce Willis as Bruno the Kid
  • Jennifer Hale as Leecy Davidson
  • Tony Jay as Jarlesburg
  • Mark Hamill as Harris
  • John Bower as Howard (Bruno's father)
  • Kath Soucie as Grace (Bruno's mother)


  • Tim Curry as Lazlo Gigahurtz
  • Kenneth Mars as Professor Von Trapp
  • Bronson Pinchot as General Armando Castrato
  • René Auberjonois as Leonard DaLinguini
  • Matt Frewer as Booby Vicious
  • Dawnn Lewis as Di Archer
  • Ben Stein as Professor Wisenstein
  • Kathy Nagler as Mary Ann Wisenstein
  • Edward Asner as the Engineer
  • Ed McMahon as the Engineer's henchman
  • Frank Welker as Koos Koos

Additional voices[]

Included in the list of additional voices were Frank Welker, Earl Boen, Ed Gilbert and Kenneth Mars.