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C.L.Y.D.E. is a Canadian-French animated television series, made by MoonScoop Group (as France Animation), produced by CINAR Animation and created by CINAR's co founder and former president Ronald A. Weinberg and veteran Canadian-French film producer Jean Cazes. It centres around a super-computer from another planet, C.L.Y.D.E. (Computer Linked Yield Driven Entity), which is put on trial for developing a virus called a "sense of humour". He is punished by being launched into space, where he enters Earth's atmosphere and crash-lands. His central core is found, intact, by two kids, Matt and Sam. They install C.L.Y.D.E. into an old jukebox, which makes him able to speak to them, and handle objects through telekinesis. Many of Matt, Sam, and C.L.Y.D.E.'s adventures concern secret agents trying to find C.L.Y.D.E., or defeating computer viruses, hackers, or invading aliens.

This cartoon was introduced into China at the end of the 1990s, and was shown on CCTV-7. The series aired in the United States on the Cookie Jar Toons block on This TV from 2009 to 2010.

C L Y D E Poster

Technical Details[]

  • French title: CLYDE
  • Creation: Ronald A. Weinberg , Jean Cazès
  • Director: Chris Randall
  • Scenario: Tony Scott, Alan Swayze (supervision), Gilles Taurand , Olivier Massart , Patrick Regnard, Tony Scott
  • Storyboards: Chris Randall, Tim O'Halloran, Tim Deacon, Vin James
  • Sets: Frédéric Bremont, Geneviève Chassaing, Michel Herbinet
  • Framing ( Layout ): Jean-Baptiste Cuvelier, Eric Legeard, Paul-Henri Ferrand, Philippe Jallois, Dominique Lajeunie, Christine Landes, Gérard Lemaux, Benoît Le Pennec, Jean-Noël Malinge, Christophe Pouchot, Alain Remy, Jacques Stoll, Mieke Vermaerke , Gilbert Weppe
  • Animation: James Appleton, Yannick Barbaud, Corinne Bretel, Claire De Carvalho, Didier Degand, Isabelle Faivre, Jean-Pierre Guzdziol, Philippe Lançon, Franck Marchand, Homa Niknam, Stéphane Piera, Hélène Poldervaart, Frédéric Raducanou, Valérie Schaefer, Jan Van Rijsselberge for Crayon Animation
  • Music: Leon Aronson
    • Credits interpreted by Michel Pagliaro
  • Production: Ronald A. Weinberg, Christian Davin; Micheline Charest , Jean Cazès (executives)
  • Production companies: CINAR, France Animation, TF1
  • Country of origin: France / Canada
  • French language
  • Format: Colors - 35 mm - 1.33: 1 - mono sound
  • Number of episodes: 26 (1 season)
  • Duration: 25 minutes
  • Date of first broadcast: France : 1991

French voices[]

  • Jacques Ferrière : CLYDE / the green parasite
  • Magali Barney : Samantha / the blue parasite
  • Nicole Raucher : Matt
  • Jean-Claude Donda : Alberto / the red parasite / secondary characters
  • Michèle Bardollet : Gaby
  • Gérard Rinaldi : secondary characters
    Dubbing artistic direction: Michel Trouillet