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ProStars Title Card

Season 1 (1991)[]


Episode Title

Original Air Date

01 "The Slugger Returns" September 14, 1991
The ProStars come to the aid of Jimmy Hanks when his father "Slugger" Hanks is captured by a mad scientist named Clockwork Delaronge who is using remote-controlled robots including one of dead baseball star Cleets Robinson as part of a plot to capture the Commissioner of Baseball.
02 "Short John's Revenge" September 21, 1991
A pirate supervillain named Short John Silver sails into an idyllic Caribbean Island, imprisons the inhabitants, and steals the ancient pirate treasure they had discovered.
03 "The Perbots of Dr. Lobe" September 28, 1991
A mad scientist named Dr. Lobe proposes a competition to the ProStars to compete against his Perbots for the fate of a girl named Jill.
04 "Knightmare Riders" October 5, 1991
The ProStars travel to Scotland to save a community from the Ghost Riders of Sir Vitus. This is a cover-up by the evil Carlotta to drive away the golfers so that she can excavate the Golden Throne of Sir Vitus.
05 "Valley of the Snow Falcon" October 12, 1991
Ice Mancuso, an unscrupulous engineer, intends to conceal diamond masks at a mysterious kingdom in the Himalayas. With the help of a young princess and a mysterious Snow Falcon, the ProStars jump into action to save the kingdom.
06 "Brazil Nuts" October 19, 1991
Captain Nemo Ipanema is destroying the Brazilian rainforest as a side to his mining operation designed to secure the world's supply of Amazonite for his own egomaniacal use.
07 "Block Busters" October 26, 1991
Paulie Sludger, a corrupt businessman, frightens a block center population with the intent of purchasing the neighborhood for his toxic waste dumping operation.
08 "Gargantus and the Highway of Doom" November 2, 1991
A girl named Sheila calls the ProStars to Australia when Gargantus and his motorcycle gang are terrorizing an Australian village and forcing the inhabitants to build his castle. The worst part of it is that her brother Keith has joined up with Gargantus.
09 "Rustler's Rodeo" November 9, 1991
Dusty Boots intends to win the prize money for a rodeo contest and pay off the debt owed by his family so that he can buy back the family ranch. But a gangster who intends to buy out the ranch for himself has complicated matters by kidnapping Dusty's horse.
10 "Roll to Victory" November 16, 1991
When a local basketball charity is at risk of being closed down due to cheap shot tactics by the Pontiac Hoods led by Doug, it's up to the ProStars to stop them.
11 "A Bite of the Big Apple" November 23, 1991
The ProStars search for an archeologist whose family has not heard from him since he began a dig along the River of No Return.
12 "Clockwork Catastrophe" November 30, 1991
Clockwork Delaronge has returned. This time, he has stolen the famous Stanley Cup. It is up to the ProStars to skate into action and get it back.
13 "The Final Cut" December 7, 1991
In this clip episode, Mom challenges the ProStars on their efficiency, prompting them to prove her wrong by showing her their past adventures.