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The Adventures of T-Rex (T-レックス (T-rekkusu)) is an animated TV series that aired in syndication from 1992 to 1993 in North America.[1] The show features five musical Tyrannosaurus brothers who played to sold-out crowds as a vaudeville group for the Dragon company owned by the beautiful and wealthy Myrna while also secretly fighting crime as "T-REX," masterminded by Professor Edison. The show, an American/Japanese coproduction between C&D (Créativité et Développement), Gunther-Wahl Productions and well-known anime producer Kitty Film, lasted only one season.



Set in a world of anthropomorphic dinosaurs, brothers Bernie (blue), Bruno (pink), Bubba (green), Buck (yellow) and Bugsy (purple) were born with special powers to help fight crime. Each brother's special power was related to a specific part of their anatomy; Bernie's legs, Bruno's arms, Bubba's tail, Buck's mouth and teeth, and Bugsy's telekinetic eyes. In the day, they make up a singing group that perform at the Dragon Company in Rep City. The group rode out on their Rexmobile to battle "Big Boss" Graves, crime kingpin of Rep City, and his evil organization The Corporation which also consists of Little Boss, Adder, Madder, Shooter, Axe, and the Doctor. Kid sister Ginger was part of the singing group, but didn't know about her brothers' secret identities.

One of the show's other noteworthy elements was giving the T-Rexes imitation celebrity voices: Jack Benny, Art Carney, Bing Crosby, Humphrey Bogart and Jimmy Durante.

Voice cast[]

  • Kathleen Barr - Flo, Myrna, Black Widow
  • Michael Beattie - Buck, Delaney
  • Garry Chalk - Bruno, Madder, Mayor Maynot
  • Michael Donovan - Professor Edison, Shooter, Big Dinosaur
  • Ian James Corlett - Bugsy, Waldo Winch
  • Phil Hayes - Little Boss, Axe
  • Scott McNeil - Bubba, Adder
  • Robert O. Smith - Bernie, Cuddles, Dr. Death
  • Venus Terzo - Ginger, Mae
  • Dale Wilson - Big Boss Graves, Bissell

Additional voices[]

  • Jennifer Copping
  • Brian Dobson
  • Janyse Jaud
  • Alessandro Juliani
  • Annabel Kershaw
  • Michael Dobson


Created by
Michael Wahl, Lee Gunther
Developed by
Michael Wahl, Lee Gunther, Jean Chalopin
Original Character Designs by
Satoru Tsuda
Executive Producers
Michael Wahl, Lee Gunther, Jean Chalopin, Hidenori Taga
Co-Executive Producer
Mark Taylor Zahra Dowlatabadi
Rudy J. Zamura, Xavier Picard, Shigekazu Ochiai
Creative Consultant
Teleplay by
Jean Chalopin
Story Editor
Peter Lawrence
Directed by
Stephane Martinere
Voice Direction
Michael Donovan
Talent Coordinator
Gail Hackery
Liaison to Kitty
Gene Pelc
Overseas Production Supervisor
Toshiyuki Hiruma
Art Director
Charlie Sansonetti
Characters and Props
Francois Capuron, Didier Cassegrain, Laurent Duvault, Pascall Morelli, Michele Perbet
Background Designers
Max Braslavsky, Vincent Gassies, Bruno Julier, Florence Nizan, Luc Paulet
Remi Brenot, Boyd Kirkland Vic Dal Chele, Richard Danto, Adrian Gonzalez, Georges Grammat, Gordon Harrison Rick Hoberg Dave Jenkins Larry Latham, Philippe Landrot, Pascall Morelli, Ruben Negri, Pascal Pinon
Storyboard Review
Eric McConnell Saburo Hashimoto
Color Background Artists
Jean-Claude Bauer, Anne-Cecile de Rumine, Benedicte Fages, Genevieve, Penloup, Vincent Gassies
Color Key Artists
Claude Morelli, Isa Python, Genevieve Penloup, Maryann Stewart
Associate Producers
Karen Malach, Robert Winthrop
Production Coordinators
Monica Arce, Saiid Assefi, Claudia Ellis, Jill Gray, Kazumi Sawaguchi, Gaetano Vaccaro, Frank Weiss
Production Secretary
Samia De Jema
Animation Production
KK C&D Asia, AKOM Productions Company, Wang Film Productions Company Shigeru Akagawa, Hiroshi Toita, Hiroshi Saotome, Kitty Film
Animation Supervisors
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Animation Studios
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Animation Producer
Takahiko Tsuchiya
Editorial Services
Broughten-Winicki Inc.
Slugging & Sheet Direction
Pretend Production
Original Music by
Robert J. Walsh
Music Editor
Jeffrey R. King
Sound Effects & Mix by
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Post Production Supervisor
Yannick Heude
Audio Supervisor
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Post Production Coordinators
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